I see culture

I see culture in places others don't think to look. It's my specialty. You could call it my super power. I help you understand your cultural story, and figure out where to go next.


CULTURAL STORY. Let's talk about who you are, why you exist.


UNITE.  Sharing your story creates unity around it. This is an important step in understanding, and potentially changing any aspect of your culture.


LEARN.   About how your culture and firm health are helping or hindering your business and your people.


TIE.  Findings from culture and health assessments together to see areas you can improve, and make your business stronger.


UP.  Your game. How does your cultural and wellness assessments hold up against your values, mission statement, guiding principles, policies, procedures, and strategic goals. Is there alignment? If not, where do you need to make changes?


RESILIENCE.  Is your super power. Build a culture that embraces desired changes and make your firm stronger, more resilient, and more competitive in your markets.


ENGAGE.  Leaders need to buy-in before implementing  action. Identify liaisons who will carry the messages you want to convey throughout the firm.